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This is a weekly newsletter that covers all things Tally Labs: Jenkins the Valet, the Writer’s Room, Azurbala, community-assisted content creation, DAOs, and their journey to build a Web3 media and production house.

We hope this becomes your go-to source for company and project analysis, wild speculation, updates, random rants, and interviews with members of the company and community.

FilmBook can be found either hanging with his wife and two young boys, supporting his international in vitro diagnostics team, leading Valet Confidential as a co-creator, or chopping it up on the MetaVault newsletter. And sometimes all four at the same time.

SpaceWalk lives in three parallel worlds: a product manager / solution architect during the day; the creator, writer, and podcaster of MetaVault at night; and a girldad 24/7.

We are book people.

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