Company + Community is the way

August 2022

World-building in Web3 is 🤯

July 2022

Tally excels by matching the available publishing formats to the trajectory of the story
On Web3, the incomparable SpaceWalk, the Writer's Room community and my new colleagues, and an update on my new role at IMO, the top company building…
Wait what?! VJ and SAFA are posting from Valet Confidential!?
The Head of Story at Tally Labs talks about her approach to world-building, different approaches in Web3, storytelling 101, and things to think about…

June 2022

We turn to a few friends from the community to find out what they love about the Writer's Room project. What are you most excited about? What do you…

May 2022

Wow, the team of investors is diverse and impressive!
Some old-fashioned speculation on the upcoming "Bored & Dangerous" book NFT including supply, price, & more!

April 2022

The Jenkins Audio Experience will expand Jenkins' storytelling fabric and transport us all to a few new places with new communities.
The Tally Labs team grows; the introduction of their Director of Vibes; details about the software experience of Book 1, the updated dashboard, and the…
It's been 2 months since RM 2.0 was released and the Writer's Room has been full steam ahead. Let's check in on it all... and speculate a bit!